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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   MALIGNANT TUMOUR "R´N´R Engine" | GURKHA "Drinking From The Skulls Of Dead Gods"

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>>> BERRY | 2007-06-21 >>>

MALIGNANT TUMOUR "R´N´R Engine" | GURKHA "Drinking From The Skulls Of Dead Gods"

split LP
(2006 Insane Society Records)

Split LP non plus ultra

The split EP and split LP formats can be divided into two categories when it comes to the sleeve. The first one might be called "strict" meaning each band has its own front cover on each side. The second alternative is more friendly and suggests there's something between the bands beyond the shared style of music - the title page is shared, the same motive hosts both logos, and the record title is usually also one for both bands. Last year's split LP Malignant Tumour / Gurkha is something in between! The elaborate sleeve made the release something special. Each band comes with their own motive that's folded in the middle, so the title page consists of two halves that graphically correspond. Laminated full colour sleeve done this way deserves praise before even putting the record on the turntable.

If we play any of the bands, there is little trace of originality, still, it's highly enjoyable! Let's check the Ostrava based Malignant Tumour first. The band passed the rotting topics in the first phase as well as the social criticism in the second one. Malignant Tumour are still around (having the same totally ugly logo that has become nice after all these years) now in their third stage, addressing the very core of rock´n´roll - no more Carcass nor Agathocles, simply Motörhead! Five own tracks (and Gurkha cover) go at machine speed with fast simple and catchy track, sometimes with ad absurdum chorus lines ("Saddam Hussain Is Rock´n roll"). Utter Motörhead, that's number three "The Biggest Band", the rest is an old school metal with crust feelings. This combination of styles somehow sounds automatically enjoyable, which is the primary goal of the band. And they can do it!

British Gurkha joined the tour in the UK. That's where the friendship and this split came from. Gurkha is more straightforward in their sound, tougher and also more melodic, although the riffs have also been strongly inspired (not counting two covers, one of which is addressed back to Malignant Tumour). Crusty metal punk is not original but offers fine listening. In this respect both bands are alike.

Santa brought 666 copies of the record including 66 limited edition with a DVD. This goes only to the chosen ones and we, the reviewers, have to make do with our impressions of the regular release. If you are up for it, go get it at Insane Society!

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