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Headquarters  >>>  Hlavní stan

Index of Vinyl Disk Musick. The place for all website news and updates.

Czech vinyls  >>>  České vinyly

This section contains an overview of new releases and the archive of all Czech rock and hard´n´heavy vinyl releases.

Reviews  >>>  Recenze

If you are interesting about review of some vinyl release of your band or label, send us one promo copy. Sorry, but we don´t accept CD, CD-R, MC or MP3 format.

Interviews  >>>  Rozhovory

Interviews in Czech language only (fot that moment?).
We prepared first interview in English language too.

Links  >>>  Odkazy

Links to labels, stores and webstores (fulfiling our condition to have some vinyl releases).

Bands  >>>  Kapely

Links to bands (fulfiling our condition to have some vinyl releases).

Wanted  >>>  Hledané

Wanted vinyl titles for our/your collections. You can send us your want-lists to be published here.

For trade  >>>  Nabídka

List of records from our collections for trade.

Advertising  >>>  Inzerce

Private advertising entered thru e-mail.

Guest book  >>>  Poznámky

The book is open for your notes.

About us  >>>  O nás

Throughout the 90s we have been publishing reviews, articles, biografies and interviews in the oldest Czech zines Metal Breath, R.I.P. and Rinsing Stage. The last one we have released ourselves. At the prezent time we work on a serial of articels about local scene of our region (Sušice) called Sušický rockový puls.
We cooperate with and promote Mortifilia (death metal massacre).
Last but not least, we are members of d.i.y. alternative rock band Asistar_t.
Vinyl Disk Musick is our new activity and its purpose is to provide an easy orientation in new Czech vinyl releases.
Only vinyl is real and we want to keep the flames burning.
Please, send us informations for update. Thanx a lot!

Contact  >>>  Kontakt

Contact us!

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