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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   INSANIA "Rock´n´Freud"

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>>> LADISLAV OLIVA | 2008-08-06 >>>

INSANIA "Rock´n´Freud"

(2008-06-17 Magick Disk Musick)

The Pink-Angel Hydra

On the 29th March 2008 the astral-hardcore hydra Insania finally and deservedly got their „Andel“ (the Czech Grammy award) for their "Rock´n´Freud" album and the same album won the Britva 2007 award later as well.

"Rock´n´Freud" was released originally only on CD in spring 2007 and in my Bazina zine I wrote about it the following: „In heavy music INSANIA have kept their sovereign position consisting in originality and individuality. The slogan ‘We don’t believe in devil, but devil believes in us’ has immediately become immortal. For the first time all lyrics are in Czech and for the first time keyboards have added new remarkable sounds to guitars.“

On the 17th June 2008, after several months of preparations, finally the album was released on vinyl as well. The LP was released in a limited collector’s edition of 500 pieces, numbered manually, as a debut of Berry’s quite new PVC e-shop & label Magick Disk Musick. At the same time this LP represents a return of the band to vinyl after 11 years and, including the era of Skimmed, this is their 9th record-playing release. Compared with the CD version this vinyl record offers certain specificities.

The very first look at this big size record is wonderful. Either thanks to the image of the blond girl on the pink background, or thanks to the breathtaking fact of the vinyl edition itself. Both the front and back pages are made even more beautiful in the way that is enabled only by the 12" vinyl. The same level of impressiveness is offered by the inner sleeve, the both sides of which include the motives from the booklet and all lyrics. So, apart from the tangle of blood and moths, the white-pink images offer e.g. a magazine with a photo of the band caught red-handed during a spiritualist séance, a dark sight of the city of Brno in flames contrasting fascinatingly with the window of the pink cozy little room, where, beyond all doubts, the delightful blonde girl dwells. The same girl decorates both sides of the lovely white vinyl record.

This jewel not only proves the durability of the vinyl record phenomenon, but at the same time it is a perfect example of its visual appeal, because only in this size the attractions of such breathtaking artworks can be fully appreciated. On the other hand, it is more or less praiseworthy that only the choicest delicacies, like this album, are released this way. At the same time this LP have become a hot candidate for certain awards, because both its music and look are great!

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