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split 7" EP
(2003 Beer Is Not Drink Records, Biodphere, Drugfront Records, Gasmack Records, Hate Is Reality, Hluboká Orba Records, Human Meat For Sale Records, Insane Society Records, K.A.Z. Re-chords, Malárie Records, Punks Before Profits Records, Rock Against Religion, Satan´s Punk Records, Sharapov Sound System, Svart Hav, Tower Violence Records, Trujaca Fala, Ultima Ratio, Where´s Your Anger Records, Zero Budget Productions)

Anger, darkness, criticism of resignation and of self

SSplit EP in cover with war motif in red colour was released in 2003 by The Public (Slovakia) and See You In Hell (Czech Republic). Thanks to an international D.I.Y. cooperation this EP was co-released by incredible 20 labels. This cooperation enabled the edition of 2000 copies (black vinyl) and 500 coloured (clear white).

One of the labels, Zero Budget Productions, kindly sent us a copy to review. Well, it is nearly 4 years delayed, but as it can still be available in some distros, we believe the review is not useless.

The Public side contains two songs, an intro and an outro. The music is high quality hard core / crust pleasurably using slow and very fast parts. This tempo combination is intensified by short lyrics, stressing the choruses (which are at the same time the song titles: "Svoj hrob si kopem sám" and "Reč našich pästí").

See You In Hell is the top band in the same kind of music as The Public. The emphasis is put more on aggression and better sound. Their songs are very short (around a minute each), so they follow eachother very quickly. But this is not a chaos. Listener will appreciate melodies, choruses and of course all the typical elements of crust music.

Lyrics are very important for both bands. Vocals are not just a kind of musical instruments, they express anger, dark sides of humans life, criticism of resignation and of self.

Last but not least, the vinyl contains stickers of both bands.

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