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>>> JOHAN | 2007-05-13 >>>

PULS "Strhaná tvář"

7" SP
(2003 Monster Nation, Steelfire Invasion)

Heavy metal for those who remember

Brno located Puls were amongst the most prominent 80’s heavy metal warriors in Czechoslovakia. Unlike their comrades from Citron, Titanic or Arakain, though, they didn’t manage to come up with an official release during their glory days and consequently disappeared from stages as well as minds of most of their fans. There was one left, still. Namely Miloš, owner of the vinyl label Monster Nation, who released a single of his favourite band in 2003.

A look at the reverse side of the cover is all it takes to understand when Puls were popular. Times of tight striped trousers or tiger designs, t-shirts with the sleeves cut off, white trainers, preferably ankle size. Apart from the photo there’s not much to be seen on the whole sleeve. It actually seems too modest. The info inside contains band members - each of the songs was sung by a different singer, with a drawing of demons on background.

"Strhaná tvář" from 1986 on A brings speedy, uncomplicated heavy speed metal. Speed rules - drummer hits it fast, guitars and bass go straight forth and the singer Jiří Kubowský alters mid pitches with high ones. The sound leaves something to be desired, but the authenticity overrules the quality demands here. "Rázem vládne" on B is something else, all in mid tempo with an interesting atmosphere that develops and climaxes with the chorus. Josef Nykl on vocals prefers the higher pitches, where he feels rather comfortable and might remind of Ladislav Křížek in his heydays. The sound is more clear - recorded much later (namely 1991), especially drums show an example of good sound here.

I collect old single by Arakain, Citron, Orient, Sapon, Kern or Vitacit, so now there's one more for the collection. When I feel nostalgic and make a retro evening, I will gladly slip in Puls among the more famous colleagues, once it’s hardly any worse.

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