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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   M.O. "Svině!!"

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>>> RORY ZET | 2007-04-11 >>>

M.O. "Svině!!"

(1992 Black Point)

The roots of Czech hardcore

Hey, Michael´s Uncle have their debut vinyl out called "Svině!!" ("Swines!!"). Recorded still during the fucking communist period, released a few years later, namely in 92; at Black Point. Vinyls are still available, one of them even made it to the wombs of our headquarters, so let’s just fucking give it a spin!

I could be a bit nervous writing about a legend of M.O. kind, but I won’t let it show using all these colloquial words with a vulgar word now and then as appropriate. Will that be ok, bloke? Yeah, Michael’s Uncle are cult in the sense of being one of the first (if not the first) pioneers of early (post) totalitarian hardcore, preceded in their case by a certain form of uncultivated frenetic noiserock.

Something in between the mentioned genre, classical punk and just introduced post totalitarian hard core as played in this country, that‘s the debut labeled "Svině!!", a black disc packed into two colour recycled paper sleeve, a record having mainly documentary meaning these days. Not that the tracks presented are not intense enough (just the other way round, their experimental and nonconformist identity can hardly be denied), but the sound clothing as of 20 years ago is pure underground, whose charm and feel have their attraction, but time flies and it’s hardly possible to compare this one with the production today. The new bands, however, have hardly chance to reach the status of M.O. given by the timing of their unique and unlimited activities. The fact is, that the band came back a few years ago to become a gem of every fine alternative / punk / hardcore fest. This can only mean that their music stood the test of time in an excellent way, so, there's nothing to complain about. Simply it sounds in a way typical for the period. Period.

I don’t want to be boring and take one song after another. I could point out to the lyrics that they represent the statements of a generation (of a period of time), not much different from the ones to coming, including today. The essence (go against the stream) stays firmly rooted and it would just be damn weird if it was not that way when it comes to hardcore.

The record was released by Black Point as their first ever and last ever vinyl. They still have it (back then also on CD and MC) for 94 CZK. If you miss it, go ahead and get it, because only then you can tattoo the words "hard core" on your back without feeling inappropriate.

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