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>>>   I n t e r v i e w s   >>>   TÖRR "Unsold vinyls were scrapped!"

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>>> BERRY | 2007-01-25 >>>

TÖRR "Unsold vinyls were scrapped!"
a n   i n t e r v i e w   w i t h   V l a s t a   H e n y c h

The LP version of Törr last album was released at the end of the last year. Again (as the previous LP "Made in Hell"), it was released by Monster Nation Records. Thanks to these two albums Törr came back to black metal. That is why we decided to invite Vlasta Henych and to talk about Törr. Initially I wished to talk only about the presence, but we have mentioned all the albums and to my big surprise, I came to know that one of them, which I thought that existed only on CD, was released also on LP...

Your latest album "Törritorium" was just released on LP. What are your feelings? Does this mean something more than CDs?

Well, sure I am satisfied it is out on vinyl, we can thus offer something more to our fans. But for musician the most important is always the basic medium, which is CD today. All the other formats are just an addition.

As a musician you are a pragmatis, no wonder. But I will ask somehow else. When labels stopped releasing vinyls in early 90s, what impression did you have? Your last album appeared also on vinyl was "Chcípni o kus dál", all the other stuff was out only on CDs…?

After "Chcípni o kus dál" was released on vinyl also our "Kladivo na čarodějnice", then a project "Zemětřesení", in which I played bass. Of course, my generation grew up with vinyls. When I started to listen to music in the 70s, we had only record and tape (not cassette) players. Cassette players came here at the end of 70s. Although I already do not have a record player at home, my relation to vinyls is very positive... Maybe I will buy some record player. I like vinyls and I regret that this format disappeared from common commercial using. You know, I won´t repeat all the talks about better sound on vinyls, warm sound or about the ritual of putting the stylus on records. Howevever what I want to stress is the artistic value of cover graphics. Vinyls covers allows much better result of… very often artistic intent. As it is me, who creates the covers for all Törr albums, I know what I am saying. There is nothing better than to bugger about with records, to hold a vinyl in ones hands… you hold really SOMETHING, not just a can with some music. Only those who feel the some can understand… Today we can see the death of cassette tapes and VHS tapes. And this is no shame, they were digitally replaced and that increased the quality of the recordings. Concerning the vinyls it´s really big shame...

Hey, wait, wait, "Kladivo na čarodějnice" was released on LP?! Where, by which label, how does it look? Ughrrr, what a shocking information…

It was released by Monitor EMI in 1993, at the same time as CD and MC. But vinyls were out of fashion those days, so I think there were not many copies sold… But some copies were sold… Myself I do have one copy. So except of "Morituri te Salutant", "Live" and "Tanec Svatého Víta" are all our albums also on LPs.

I think it must be released in a very limited edition, I have never heard about this LP, nor my friends… Nobody have it… OK, I would like to ask you to comment briefly each of your albums... Let´s begin with your „zero“ LP "Kladivo na čarodějnice" (it contains pre-debut stuff, re-recorded and released in 1993), which for me just began its existence… Don´t you regret that it was recorded and released only retroactively? Do you perceive it as your normal album or is it rather best of your demos?

While recording our debut, Ota Hereš was in the army… That is why we first made "Armageddon". After he came back, Ota already did not play with Törr. So the old stuff was recorded as late as in 1993... I was looking for new Törr musicians that time, so this stuff somehow filled the gap in Törr activity. Maybe it had to be like that. Yes, the album should have been recorded as the first one, but the circumstances were against us. We percieve it as our regular album, with the difference that fans had to wait bit longer...

I still cannot recover my wits… "Kladivo…" on vinyl!!! Have there been any insert or lyric sleeve? Did the cover looked the same as CD? I think our readers are also asking these questions…

The cover was exactly the same as on CD (no gatefold), with one-page insert with lyrics and photos.

Your official debut "Armageddon" - I assume this is your most important one. Isn´t it? The only thing I do not like is the logo you used… On the other hand, in that time, it was in all the shops in the country... Commercially it must be the best Törr album, am I right?

Yes, I like this record. It was our first and over 80.000 copies were sold. We had a good luck for a big label with perfect distribution. But… they was not really fair concerning our money - for us it was a good experince for the future. And the logo, I used it on purpose, to make it as clear and readable as possible, you know, it was our debut and our logo was known only to our die hard fans… One more bad thing with Multisonic… they promised lacquered cover, but to save money they did not do it...

The second album "Institut klinické smrti" contains your original logo, but really small one, even smaller than the logo of the label. Has this also been some purpose or logo was not that important for some reason?

OK, it was another painful experience. I was not right with them when they prepare it at the printing plant. Well, we learned from own mistakes. Since this time, after all the experineces with printing and pressing plants I try to check everything myself, to check each of their steps. When you leave your work to people who does not understand it, such mistakes are very likely.

The painting on the cover was not so often yet in those times. Have you been in doubt whether to use it or not?

No, no, I have always been sure about this - because it was my idea. It was quite difficult to find some good painter, with open mind, without prejudices, who would dare to paint it. Few famous ones refused to paint it, it was the reason why the LP was released later than we have planned. I was convinced so strongly about this topic (depicting that „religion is dead“) that eventually I found the right person. It was one of the young Törr fans, a guy from Prague Pavel Fides. He also painted our logo on curtain which we use on our shows up to the present day.

„Religion is dead, the cross is broken, dancing in fire we´re smoking shit“… I can hear your words. But tell me explicitly, what is your personal faith, if we are not talking about christianity or religion in general?

This are very personal matters and I would not like to speak about this publicly. Generally, I am not the one to tell people how to think about life and how to live...

The cover of your third LP "Chcípni o kus dál" is in my opinion very precious. Painted by Martin Zhouf, logo is this time big enough… But pink... As an insert, there was a certain caricature of the band. Can you tell us something more about it?

Sure, Martin Zhouf is out top artist in sci-fi genre. I cooperated with him on his work, I added few own ideas. For us it was a big honour that Martin used this painting also on the front cover of his autobiographic book. I have also seen this painting few times as helmet airbrush, nice. The pink logo and the insert is again faux pax of EMI label and the printing plant. It is corrected as late as in "Gallery" CD. The colour should be bloody red, but you can do nothing about this. Assholes are everywhere. The painting on the insert… Initially it shout have been the cover, but Zhouf did not realize it as I wished, it did not have the feeling, so we decided to use it for the insert. There should be our caricatures, depicting us to be blown-out by hunger and starveling African children around us. It should be a kind of our practical joke and provocation, as well as we later did with the person on the wheelchair on CD "Tanec Svatého Víta". I like this raw humour. It was a reaction to the fact, that since our childhood someone still asks some subsidies for people from the other part of the world, while ourselves do not have enough. One can be a samarithian only when he is rich.

Do you think it is possible in the Czech Republic to earn for living by metal music?

It depends what you mean by metal. If for example Kabát, than you can live very confortably… It depends what you expec from it, how much you work, if someone else is interested in what you do that much to pay you for it. I live from playing metal for 20 years…

Well, I mean black metal, or Törr. I am sure you enjoy your job. But do you still enjoy it that intensively as at your beginning?

You cannot make music if you do not enjoy it. You have to struggle to survive, especially when you play marginal kind of music. Yes, I enjoy it as I did at the beggining.

The following vinyls of Törr was "Kladivo na čarodějnice", we have already talked about it. I did not know about its existence until our interview. I think vinyl collectors will be also very surprised... Then there was a gap, few albums were released only as CDs. Thus we reach the present time. Vinyl "Made In Hell" was released by the Czech label Monster Nation. Have you accepted their offer immediately? Have the negotioation been somehow complicated? And was everything this time as you wished?

The negotiation with Miloš was fair and fast. We wished to have the vinyl, so we decided to sign, although it is no big deal for us. It is… just for our pleasure and for the fans.

I guess you have no reminders concernign the cover… Are there any differences compared to CD?

As for the cover, there are big differences. There are much more photos. And as it was me and my friend Jirka Šujanský, by the way the vocalist of Moriorr, I have no reminders.

And now the latest vinyl "Törritorium". Have you recorded this album and prepared the cover awaring of the fact that it will be also released on LP? Or the vinyl offer came again afterwards?

I don´t know, it´s more a question to Monster Nation. We did not count with it... that "Törritorium" will appear on vinyl. Monster Nation contacted us after the CD was out, maybe they were waiting with their decision for some acceptance of the CD. There are not bands here today which have vinyls of their current albums… that´s what I like, the exceptionality.

Can you compare "Törritorium" and "Made In Hell" concerning the music and lyrics?

I am not able to compare it exactly. I like both of them, they are both my children. "Törritorium" sounds slightly better, it is more compact and aggressive than "Made in Hell". The songs are darker and harder. "Made In Hell" contains more hit songs and in a way joyful lyrics. Both records contain precious songs, both of them contains a lot from us…

I cannot leave the topic of "Kladivu na čarodějnice". We still do not know how many copies have been made and why it was not avaialble?

As far as I know, one thousand copies have been made and they have been distributed. The fact than none could find it may be caused by the decay of vinyls and the boom of CDs in 1994. Mostly CDs and MCs were sold. It is pretty possible that the rest of vinyls was scrapped somewhere…

And for the end of our interview I would like to talk about the first Törr vinyl, the single "Kult ohně" / "Kladivo na čarodějnice". What was your feelings when you managed to make your first official release?

It´s hard to describe the feeling. When we were leaving the studio of Petr Janda, still in the car we listened the tape with our first studio recordings. We have realized than from now on we are a real band! Whatever is the first time in your life is magic. These first moments were much stronger than the existence of the single itself. I came from the single generation, so I wished to have more singles. The second one should be a support single for our LP "Armageddon" and it should contain: "Válka s nebem" / "Armageddon". But by some stupid mistake someone deleted the recordings and this single had never been released. Fortunatelly I made a back-up cassette copy so I can add it to our latest release, the 3CD boxset "Inkubatorr", released really recently. Monster Nation recently contacted us and we talked a bit about the possible releasing of it, maybe even as picture disk. Let´s see, vinyl is very nice format!

Photography (exclusive for Vinyl Disk Musick): Lenka Henychová


Törr discography:

TÖRR "Kult ohně" / "Kladivo na čarodějnice"


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