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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   V.A.R. "Fifteen Years Fast Like Bikila"

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>>> BERRY | 2007-01-15 >>>

V.A.R. "Fifteen Years Fast Like Bikila"

7" EP
(2004-01-25 Bastard Records, Radiation Noise Production, View Beyond Records, Zero Budget Production)

Not only with CDs is the band alive

Exactly three years ago was released the first offical 7" EP of Czech old thrash metal band V.A.R. It was a kind of a birthday gift. That also explains the title "15 Years Fast Like Bikila". The edition is nearly sold out and we are happy to get a copy to review.

Exclusive 4-tracks were recorded in Hacienda studio and it was produced by Miloš Dodo Doležal (one of the most important person in Czech metal history). That is a guarantee of higher than average sound quality. After translation of the English song names back to Czech we find out, that they are English versions of some tracks from their 4th and 2nd albums ("Rozdvojen ale schopen" and "Závislost"). In fact, these four songs are the only songs recorded in English. The band seems to try if their music is interesting for foreign fans. If I am to compare these version to those original Czech ones, "Like Bikila" (Jako Bikila), "Split but Capable" (Rozdvojen ale schopen), "Requiem" (Requiem pro prasečí hlavu) and "A Few Words" (Pár slov). All of them bring merciless thrash metal with somehow flowing vocals. The English lyrics sound very unusually, but as a whole it is still the old good V.A.R. Personally I accept all this EP as a bonus, because the band offeres its best when singing Czech. In English it is very interesting, but hardly better.

The vinyl is put into an 8 page booklet, with many photos, lyrics and detailed band history. Vinyls collectors who still do not have this in their collections may later regret…

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