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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY "Relic Dances"

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>>> BERRY | 2006-11-24 >>>


(08|2006 Monster Nation)

The first SSOGE vinyl ever!

I have to admit - if I did not get LP "Relic Dances" for a review, I would not be looking for it, however open I am to listen to any kind of music. To be honest, I have not even heard neither CD "Relic Dances", nor mini CD "Osamělí". Simply, I made the acquitance of the latest SSOGE stuff as late as from this vinyl licence. This may be the reason, why I have the long-lasting feeling, that this piece is just perfect.

Today, under the blind reign of CD´s, the vinyls have to be something special, they must differ somehow from the CD´s. Not only to make it interesting for vinyl collectors, but also for die-hard fans who need to have every release of their favourite band. Then, what is the difference between CD and LP "Relic Dances"? The vinyl contains four songs sung in Czech and Polish language (this way they were recorded for mini CD "Osamělí"), instead their English versions. The other songs were left in English. Also the order of the tracks is different, however this is most libely due to the neccessity of dividing the sides.

What I have not expected - I have listened to this album many times and still I have it at hand. It seems that it will take a lot of time until I place it to the rack. The album opener is "Look". Here and there it evokes some Zeppelin riffs ("Kashmir" - btw. SSOGE recorded this song for Led Zeppelin tribute album). But it is not just an inspiration, it is the mood, the feeling of the tireless and never wearying intimity. Yes, this song is undead. I am not sure, how deep is this melody settled in my soul. This Slavonic version of "Relic Dances" is one of the most prototypic (or maybe the most prototypic) approach to doom metal. This must be successful! Simple initial idea - just to find it out and to transform it to the music. SSOGE left too narow space of the forefathers and stepped into the field of traditional Slavonic folklore. If you have not heard the LP yet, this description must seem weird (at the least). However, put your prejudices aside… After their 3rd album "Themes" I lost interest in this band, assumed that they said all the essential. The opposite is true! All the essential is brought by "Relic Dances", the 4th album. The decade of SSOGE existence is also possible to describe as alternative doom, or maybe more exactly, as a synthesis of doom metal and Slavonic folklore. At least within the Czech metal scene, this band is the only one which is not too conservative. The second track is called "Tváří v tvář" (Czech version of "Face to Face"). The first song initiated the listener into a specific mood. The second one strike directly to his or her open soul. Followed by "Tańczyłabym" (Polish version of "I Would Dance"), a track which could aspire to became a big hit. The lyrics are written by SSOGE Polish fan, friend and poetess Renata Putzlacher. It´s impossible to find the words to describe it, as this is a matter of pure experience. The last track on A-side is a slower one, "Trinity", which fits perfectly to the end… The B-side starts by "You Loved The Only Blood", a nice presentation of direct and spontaneous folklore. The next track is in Polish again, called "Razem" ("Together"), followed by the instrumental one "Gigula". The top of the LP is still to come, nearly an anthem "Osamělí" ("Lonely"). This song with Czech lyrics and with the top performance of the vocalist induces an indescribable atmosphere. What a song!

SSOGE cooperated on this album with Tomáš Kočko (Czech top folklore musician). They got to know eachother some five years ago. When the band played for him few songs, both agreed that he will produce their album. And I am quite sure, that "Relic Dances" is also his big effort.

Let´s stop talking and let´s merge into the stream of all that violins, contrabasses, flutes, clarinets, accoustic guitar and some other traditional instruments. And of course, including the metal ones, drums, bass guitar, guitars and beautiful vocals.

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