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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   ROOT "The Temple In The Underworld"

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>>> BERRY | 2007-03-30 >>>

ROOT "The Temple In The Underworld"

(1992 Monitor)

Welcome to the temple of majestic metal mystics

It is usually said that the third album is decisive in band´s career. This saying is definitely true concerning Root. It was really decisive. The band settled its style and recorded maybe the most beatiful album in its history "The Temple In The Underworld". This deserves the best evaluation in all the aspects. Where to start the laudation?

I remember very well when I listened to this album the first times (it was played from MC as the LP was pretty rare even as early as it was released and I bought it much much later) and I could not be tires of it at all. Especially the drums, their sound and the high standard, the dark atmosphere, all those mystical intros, very impressive vocals and not last, the stylish cover (recalling "The Oath Of Black Blood" of Beherit) - this all together impacts on me with the same power as 14 years ago.

After the "Intro" borrowed from Ludwig van Beethoven (a part from his piano sonata no.14 "Monnlight" op. 27 no. 2 Adagio Sostenuto) the "Casilda´s Song" starts. Majestic vocals of Big Boss makes the song ingenious. At its end it also necessary to stress the perfect drums - not only the sound, but the play of the drummer. "The Temple In The Underworld" is a very multifarious song where Big Boss shows many of his voice possibilities and the listener must be surprised how he can work with it. The song is very fast at the end which contrasts to the following track called "Aposiopesis", which is slow but very feelingful song. The A-side is ended by instrumental "The Solitude" with many esoteric sound effects backgrounded by magical keyboards.

The second side starts by "Voices From..." ...Big Boss´s throat! This dark choirs are followed by "The Wall", the most extensive compostition of this opus. It includes the essetial of Root. "The Old Ones" continues in this spirit. "Message" starts by mysterious guitar play and a fast switch to march forcing us to join. "My Name..." starts by acoustic guitar, slowly getting rawer, and by silent vocals (also getting rawer) and than they both dissapeare and we only hear the laconical „My name, my name is death...“ and the stylus is slowly getting the end of this grandiose vinyl...

When I say that this stuff is extremelly strong is in a way confirm by the band itself - just compare the playlist of recently released live double LP
ROOT "Capturing Sweden - Live In Falkenberg" where the third album was played almost complete - in 2001!!!

The lyrics in the inlay are again (as well as on "Hell Symphony") hand-written which can be criticized but that would be silly on such a perfect album. I love records like this, records with no weak songs which are not out of date even 15 years later.

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