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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   ROOT "Daemon Viam Invenient"

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>>> RORY ZET | 2008-04-20 >>>

ROOT "Daemon Viam Invenient"

(2008|01|28 Monster Nation)

I´ll never disappoint you and I´ll love you forever!

The latest Root album, within the framework of dark/black metal, brings multigenre metal and it is also very interesting for collectors. Why? First of all, it very differs from its forerunner. On the other hand, there is no deep gap between this records and the past ones.

In the Czech Republic, it became nearly fasionable to strongly criticize Root. Perhaps it´s because they are able to go further than average Czech listener can stand. Moreover, Root survived big line up changes in full strength, that is something what unarms the critics. By this record Root sent a message: we will always play the music we like!

Honestly, I am not a kind of die hard fans who eats up whatever the band produced without any deeper thinking. When I´ve heard this records for the first time, I was very confused. What kind of music do they play? There are so many genres there and it´s so heterogenous! But after few more listenings I found out the real dark beaty of the album!

The sound is perfect during all the time, also there are undoubtable instrumental and vocal qualities. What I´d like to emphasize is the fact, that the band is still able to bring new records while they are not the same at all, they are not duplicating themselves, nor just extact own history. However I think that the top period of Root is already over.

There is no meaning to describe the songs one by one. It´s very good from the beginning to the ends, also performance of the guest vocalist Zuzka Lípová needs to be highly appreciated. The music is sometimes very raw and fast (as if it went to the roots of Root), sometimes it´s very melodic and based on different movements.

The cover of the vinyl is made professionaly, including the printed inner sleeve. This is also the first what the label Monster Nation released not only standard black vinyl version, but also limited edition on orange vinyl. That colour really matches the impressions taken from the cover.

* fragment from "Song For Satan"

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