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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   ROOT "Capturing Sweden - Live In Falkenberg"

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>>> BERRY | 2006-08-06 >>>

ROOT "Capturing Sweden - Live In Falkenberg"

double LP
(11|2005 Monster Nation)

The first official live album, only on vinyl!

As I watch Root career since they early demos (btw all of them were recently released as a vinyl box-set by US label Nuclear War Now! Productions) I can claim, that the first official live recording is out right now - as a double LP and only on this format.

The recording entitled "Capturing Sweden - Live In Falkenberg" is very closley connected with Monster Nation Records. Not only because it was released by (the Czech part of) this label, but also the concert was in 2001 organized by it (the Swedish part).

This is exactly how the real live album should look like. There are neither too many studio additional adjustments, nor too raw recording. Thirteen unholy songs within some 75 minutes, withs a good solid sound, are played very skillfully and they are very near to original studio recording. The real atmosphere is back and forth emphasized by noises coming from the black Swedish audience.

The vinyl contains almost complete Root set from "2 Heavy 4 You" festival in Falkenberg. The most classical ones appeared for the first time on Root debut album Zjeveni (1990). That means the title track, "Zjevení", then of course, the little pratet "Píseň pro Satana" (Song for Satan). From the second album Hell Symphony (1991) we can hear "Lucifer" and "Leviatan". Concerning the third album The Temple in the Underworld (1992) - Root presented almost a half of it: "The Wall", "The Temple in the Underworld", "The Old Ones", "Message", "Casilda´s Song" and "Aposiopesis". Another interesting album Kärgeräs (1996) was represented by only one song, "Trygän / Sexton". Two songs were played from The Book (1999): "The Curse - Durron" and "Remember Me". The end cannot be reached without the old great hit "Hřbitov" (it´s studio version appeared on Death Metal Session compilation 1990 or on recently released boxset Dema).

The cover, which is decorated by the old Root logo, witnesses to a very cool live performance, it intensifies the real atmosphere of (quite rare) Root abroad live shows. Last but not least, it is a very nice vinyl collectors item which enriches Root vinyl discography.

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