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>>> MERŤÁK | 2007-05-10 >>>

PLEXIS "White Killer"

(1992 Reflex Records)

The step to street rock was a wrong one for Plexis

Following the successful debut "Půlnoční rebel" in 1992 Reflex release "White Killer". Lineup on this album: Petr Hošek (vocals, keyboards), Johny Chaos (guitars, chorus, piano) and new members Filip Kolací (bass, vocals) and Jarda Stuchlý (drums, vocals). The record presented a huge disappointment for many fans of classic Plexis. The band eventually moved entirely to street rock or alternative rock if you like.

Looking at the cover I already realize there’s something wrong here. I could do with the painted dude, but the new logo is awful and it all has really ugly feel. Reverse has the four long haired guys from Plexis as photographed during the recording, arranged into foursome on the ground, Hošek with Axl Rose like bandana. Like on the first record, titles contain English translations.

Just like "Půlnoční rebel" also this record was recorded at C studio, Ostrava. Self produced by the band helped out by famous Petr Slezák. The major change happened in the composing process - Hošek almost not writing new songs (only listed as a co-author for the last song), so most of the music was done by Stanko and Johny. And it can be seen, I mean very much. A kicks off with "Síla, sláva, stesk" and hearing the guitars and vocals you wonder if it’s really a Plexis album you bought. Guitar parts make the core here as well as the following "Jseš zlá". Next "To se stává" contains a strong chorus (with a promo clip for it). But then there is an awful cover of equally awful Beatles (I never liked that band), that makes every punker’s blood run cold. Never more, you can say and go ahead with more songs expecting a cover of Doors, which makes eventually stop the record. Luckily no such cover any more! "Světla velkoměsta" is mediocre while "Víš co chceš?" is as good that it could fit on the debut. B side starts with psychedelic "White Killer", extending almost six and a half minutes, something not seen with Plexis before. But recommended. "Těžkej čas" reminds me of my boy years of listening to Katapult, especially thanks to Johny’s guitar at the beginning. Third on B side is "Rock city", an easy going, likable song. Too bad for the boring solo. "Leica" presents one more strong chorus (makes you jump), with a catchy lead - speedy and short, excellent for Plexis. The whole is closed with "Nekonečnej mejdan", relatively slow and boring as well. As a bad decision I see not including the song "Realita" on an LP (present both on CD and MC). The hardest track of the album and in my opinion also the best!

Plexis here are apparently influenced by bands like Guns´n´roses, Sonic Youth or Cult, which is more prominent on the A side. Not a bad album entirely it contains some well sounding melodic toe-tappers, still rates among the worse outcomes of the punk legends.

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