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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   LUNATIC GODS "Mythus"

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(2004 Monster Nation)

Slovakian metal folklore

Slovakian metal veterans are becoming more and more vinyl band. For the first time they launched a vinyl in 1999 by 7inch "Cuckoo" (released by Epidemie Records). Their second vinyl was already an LP, entitled "The Wilderness". It was released two years later by Autonomy-Resistance-Equality Records.

Their next album was released by our top vinyl label Monster Nation. Although it is already four years back when it was released, it remains the band´s latest vinyl effort a thus still up to date for reader of out vinyl webzine.

There is always something special when Lunatic Gods release a vinyl. The 7inch contains on B-side "Phantom Lord" from Metallica. Both the LPs have always different covers than CDs! And in both cases it´s better. "The Wilderness" LP cover was printed black/white instead of coloured CD cover. This made the impression of the zombie much stronger. "Mythus" LP cover is totally different and it illustrated very closely the story of the LP. The meeting of monsters and people in sad and dark scenery. This is what makes vinyls so attractive! The back side of the cover offers photo of the bands, as well as the other side of inner lyrics sheet.

Lunatic Gods are active from 1994 and they are an essential part of Slovakian metal underground scene. All of their records (incl. CDs) are very different. I could easily note that they play atmospheric doom black metal. But today such a description is nothing more than a cliché. It could be much better to illustrate that they really combine death metal and folklore. The use traditional instruments like cimbalom, sheperd´s pipe, violin, jingle bells etc. Thus the music can be described as Slovakian metal folklore.

I can honestly recommend this masterpiece to all metal fans who like it manifold. It offers a lot of music for not a lot of money.

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