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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   KRABATHOR "The Rise Of Brutality"

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>>> BERRY | 2007-07-19 >>>

KRABATHOR "The Rise Of Brutality"

7" EP
(1995 Deathvastation Productions)


The latest Krabathor release so far is a 7 inch EP with self-explaining title: "The Rise Of Brutality". It's a tasty appetizer for the new record that's just coming out, called in a simple and straight way "Lies". What's on the EP? The songs that Krabathor recorded last year for their promo directed only to music labels. Three songs are preceeded with a stylish intro, that can be considered untraditional at the same time. Then the first song hits you - "Pain That Does Not Hurt". You can easily recognize the band in this song, mainly due to the vocals, because musically the band has grown even more brutal and extreme when it comes to death metal done their way. The second one is called "The Truth About Lies". More elaborate song which offers so to say catchy brutality. The last one, "Unnecesarity" has the most hitlike ambitions of the three and is the best in my opinion. Vocal duties are shared by two of the main persons in Krabathor - i.e. Christopher and Bruno, which makes the whole sound interesting. Solo and choruses are also nice. The sound and instrumental qualities of the EP are great, there's a nice cooperation in the arranges of individual instruments. It's true, that the sound is very raw , but it is by now means a shortcoming. If you haven't got the EP, you might not be fine tuned for the "Lies" album, so go ahead and get the ten minute collection right now.

Note: The review was released in 3.-4. double-issue of the METAL BREATH (33/1995) fanzine.

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