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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   GUIDED CRADLE "s/t"

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>>> BERRY | 2007-02-06 >>>


(2005 Damage Done Records)

An excellent debut [d-beat] of an excellent crust punk veterans

Guided Cradle is a relatively new international crust punk band founded in 2004 in Prague by Ethan from UK (guitar, vocals), Austin from the USA (guitar) and two Czech guys, Tomáš (bass) and Čtyřlist (drums). As all of them are very experienced musicians (Dread 101, Oi Polloi, The K10 Prospect and V.I.R.), it did not take too long to record their first album, which was released by new label Damage Done Records as their very first title. In fact, the label was found for this purpose.

The opener "Riding The Witches Billygoat" is based on classical and thousand times played and recorded crustcore riffs. But fortunately this is the only trivial thing. There riffs are completed by cleverly metal inputs. Especially in the second track "Eaten Raw". The fast third one, "Tear Of Extinction" has a slower tirade in the middle, which makes it much more interesting. The A-side is ended by anti-war song "Business Of War". "System Survival" starts very much like metal, but suddenly it turns to classical ultra fast crustcore. It evokes Driller Killer in some aspects. "Pile Of Shit" sounds very impressively, mainly using solo and back vocals. "Wheel Of Life" is an Anti-Cimex cover, a song from their "Absolut Country Of Sweden" album from 1990. This is the source of Guided Cradle inspiration. By the way, before Guided Cradle was founded, it existed as a „revival“ band (eh!) called Anti-Climax. The last track ("Hunting") starts by an easy intro but then it is again typical crust tussle til the end. Excellent! Guided Cradle is far from being boring, which maybe too often happens to other bands in this style, whose songs become all the same and undistinguishable after few listenings.

The sound is typical for this music (Swedish d-beat with metal influences), loud,
distorted, raw, metallic, but still readable. The album was recorded two years ago in Professional Sound Studio owned by Pavel „Kuře“ Hejč and there is nothing to criticize at all.

While the first edition of this album was released on heavy black vinyl, the second edition is on multicoloured vinyl (black and red, see the photo). Inside one can find a poster, a sticker and an insert lyrics / photos sheet. The cover is painted by Jeremy „Hush“ Colin and is a cliché again, monsters attacking the policemen. But this only emphasizes the positive impression.

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