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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   CALES "KRF"

>>>   E n g l i s h

>>> BERRY | 2010-10-19 >>>


(2010 Werewolf Productions, Zero Budget Productions)

Animal perfection

The fifth studio album by Cales is also their vinyl debut, coming as a complete set, which has no equivalent or competition in our country so far. Should I start with the packing or music? In order to leave the best as the last, I have just got to the very end of the review and I can start.

I will not discuss previous albums, nor wonder at the fact that the current one has been recorded by a single musician, even if I could use both of these facts as a very good introduction. What you cannot ignore is the genre of the new record, which is based on Celtic music. Primarily governed by folk metal with heart and focus on execution, but not so much on the perfection of performance. Actually, the animal rawness is its perfection!

Eight songs full of mystical joy and frustration of life, rumble in their purest and rawest form, while the mastermind Blackosh describes the atmosphere in an incredibly true manner, both in words and music - as if just passed in time.

Dirty Ozzy and dark Quorthon stood at a wooden cradle and foretold that when the time comes, when they would not be able or would be gone beyond, he would be in full force! „Listen, boy, we can give you a few basic themes here and bring an epic atmosphere that makes you freeze, but goddamn it, you will go your own way“, as if the breeze of prophecy was ringing in Blackie's subconscious.

But back to the green slime spattered mother earth. The work is preserved forever in a luxurious packaging in the official premiere of its kind at the local scene, made of ultra thick luxurious cardboard. Tight space inside is replaced by the look at the majestic paper monolith. There was also no sparing on the stylish fullcolor inner sleeve nor the specially colored vinyl disk itself – the specially mixed green color (in dark myrtle hue) is something only the biggest lunatics ask for, so let me pay tribute to the publishing labels for whom this is surely the answer to their biggest dream come true. And I was not even talking about the strong theme and great graphics, which enhances the whole, although it is obviously the fundament which everything else was primarily based upon.

"KRF" is one of the records of the year, this is without a doubt. Music goes hand in hand with the look, being something special, even otherworldly, at the local scene... For me personally it is one of the hottest candidates for the current Czech metal vinyl of 2010.

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