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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   ASSESOR "Invaze"

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>>> JOHAN | 2006-12-21 >>>

ASSESOR "Invaze"

(1990 Globus International)

The first extreme metal album after the end of communism (which means the very first extreme metal LP in the Czech Republic)

Assesor never reached the top of popularity. The Czech extreme metal fans listened mainly to demos of Törr, Debustrol, Root, Kryptor or Krabator, bands which become famous thanks to legendary Death Metal Session festivals (fans could only listen to demos, no official releases were allowed). However, in one aspect Assesor keeps the primacy - their LP "Invaze" (spring 1990) was out even earlier than "Armageddon" (Törr) and thus it was the first extreme metal album in Czechoslovakia.

The cover was drawn by Evžen Hanzalík and it fits to the music. It depicts an artist in a frock playing the bones. In the backgroud we can see some other three esences and angels with bat wings. Pretty original idea. On the other hand, the backside is awful. This space is used just from one third by the tracklist and the band lineup. A photo would be more than welcome. Assesor consisted from experienced musicians: Michal Roháček - vocals (ex-Kryptor), Jarda Pracna - guitar (ex-Orient, ex-Moriorr), Slávek Brada - guitar (ex-Projektil, ex-Moriorr) a Karel Jenčík - drums (ex-Arakain). The material on this LP was initially composed for Moriorr (as some members played there) and some of them were even played on Moriorr shows.

Generally we can say that records by Globus International had some negatives. All the trakclist (A and B side) was written on one disk label only. The B side label contained Globus logo. The tracklist label divided the songs to This side and to Globus side. Assesor had the bad luck that the labels were glued other way round (and thus B side is on the disc label marked as A…). Lets assume te order written on cover as the correct one.

The opener is thus "Setkání", not the best one to be honest, as well as "Poslední cesta". On the other hand "Nářky zapomenutých" and "Hrad" are nearly hits, mainly thanks to the choruses and Pracna´s guitar work. The B side begins by another great hit, the title track "Invaze" (many years later Maniac Butcher called one of their LPs by this name, to render tribute to Assesor. "Volání bitvy" among others offers a very nice guitar ideas and bass riffs... But the following songs do not bring anything new. "Svědomí" only repeats what we already heard. "Svit luny" is only an average song and thus only the final song, instrumental "Destrukce", worths attention. If I am to say what metal style Assesor plays, I would answer a mix of thrash and black metal. The lyrics are devoted to the dark sides of human existence, but often it is nothing more than cheap using of horror and war topics.

The sound quality of this album is very bad, nobody can say anything else. Musically the album is on a high level, which is no wonder considering how experienced musicians the band consist of. Only the vocals can be criticized, I have the feeling that the vocalist was somehow diddling, he certainly had more to offer...

After releasing this LP Assesor changed the line up. Michal and Slávek left to play death metal in Tortura. The other members finished with music… Only Karel tried to keep Assesor alive, but unsuccessfully. Under the influence of big comeback wave within the Czech scene (Moriorr, Fata Morgana, Kryptor) in 2006 Jarda tried to relive Assesor, however after few under average live shows he joined Moriorr and Assesor split again, this time forever.

I know that not many people will appreciate this album. In fact, still in 1990 and 1991, much better albums were released (just go back to the beginning of this review). However it was an important effort in Czech metal history.

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