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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   ASISTAR_T "Dvojzemno" | SOMEBODY RECALLED "Empires"

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>>> JOHAN | 2007-08-26 >>>


split 7" EP
(2007|06|06 Bažina, G.R.F. Records, Pigeonshitagency, Sir Rex PULS Recordings, Woodland Records)

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

The split of two bands whose style is very hard to classify, a 7 inch co-released by six label - this is a summary of the brave action.

Side A is occupied by Sušice, South Bohemia based Asistar_t, featuring Berry in the line-up, an active contributor to a number of underground magazines (Rinsing Stage, Metal Breath) and now the boss of this vinyl-only webzine, i.e. Vinyl Disk Musick. No surprise then, that the material of Asistar_t appears on a black vinyl, which Berry claims to be the one an only real medium. The music, anyway. Asistar_t features four members - Elly on vocals, Kennedy on drums, Mylothary on guitar and Berry on bass, and also vocals in one song. Still, the moments when Berry shouts „Orchestra“ (in the song called "Protesta Orchestra") are in my opinion the least interesting. Berry's „singing“ somehow does not go with the rest. The second part I might consider an issue is the closing part of the first song "Bardzo", ending so suddenly when I would like to have „Polska ska...“ again. Other than that, I shall only praise the thing, starting with the female singer whose voice is very interesting and contributes to the whole arrange a lot. And because the lyrics of Asistar_t can be hardly understood (some Polish, some Czech, some do not make sense at all being just an onomatopoeic word play), the vocals play the position of another instrument. An instrument that is skillfully arranged to go with the entire band, also thanks to a professional sound from the Hellsound studio. Recently I described the style of the band as a colourful music with numerous elements blending art rock moments with more animate, perhaps punklike, breaks. The music is colourful indeed, no boring moments, still something to keep you on the watch. And presented with high instrumental skills.

Somebody Recalled present just one song, and an instrumental song, to make it even more difficult for themselves. The trio Marek (guitars), Michal (bass, synth & programming) and David (drums & percussions) are joined by a guest - Jirí Vlažný playing didjeridoo. Somebody Recalled have resigned to a traditional concept of rock music and carry it forward in a mist of emotions, percussions and synthetic sounds. I was surprised by relatively prominent bass guitar that goes through the entire song and sometimes even takes the leading position. Then it is replaced by the mentioned synthetic elements, or sometimes with the exotic didjeridoo or a guitar melody. The song is almost hypnotic, especially if you listen to it late at night with no lights on. The sound from the Hostivar studio is also a positive thing, giving each instrument its room (the mix is a top work). Although I was not quite sure about the song listening to it for the first time, I "got into" the music and also found my climax in the melodic passage in the last third of Empires. Both bands appear to have their concept clearly understood, with enough musical skills.

The folding cover is split between both bands, dominated by gold colour on the outside, SR using a beutiful font for their logo, Asistar_t a childlike drawing on the other hand. The inside is a day (white and gold) and night (black and white), Asistar_t presenting photo and lyrics, SR just the basic info.

And to get back to the beginning of this review - let's hope the Nothing venture nothing gained proverb will prove true for these bands. How? Perhaps by finding the right people to listen to it, perhaps on the alternative rock scene.

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