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(2007|01|25 Zero Budget Productions)

Special edition before the debut album

It is very likely the first Czech metal vinyl release this year. What is it? Pretty non orthodox cover with a logo of Moravian metal band Absurd Conflict and a concert photo of the vocalist Martin Brnovják (taken in Beograd, Serbia). This kind of cover suggests that the LP cannot be a commonplace matter.

It is difficult to write about a death metal record, it´s still too vague indication, it must be specified somehow closer. Absurd Conflict was founded at the beginning of the 90s and since that time they kept their death metal very sophisticated, technical and melodical. Melodic (but uncommercial) death metal with a meaningful lyrics. If that is any change today, then only towards the better, more precise performance.

The LP I am about to review does not bring really new stuff. It contains recordings from 2003 (A side) and 2005 (B side). The A side called "Point Of Crisis" was recorded in a stuio as 4-track promo. But due to the line up and the management changes in those days (the new vocalist joined the band) it never fulfilled this purpose. But - this stuff is so great that it would be a shame to let it dissapear.

The re-mastered 2003 promo is opened by "A tragedy Concept" which contains all the possible tempo and many different melodies. This tells us pretty exactly what kind of death metal Absurd Conflict perform. "Point Of Crisis" is typical for its technical riffs and Martins´s angry vocals. With a little tolerance, it reminds me the old Kryptor vocalist - but Martin sings all the time and somehow usually what was Pípa´s maximum. "Till The End" shows many interesting ideas and it is impossible to predict what will follow. The listener is thus kept his/her attention only to the music. The same hold for the final "Across The Wasteland". Two years later the band by chance recorded own live performance at Fantasy Metalfest in Pardubice. This recording is put on B-side called "Live Crisis". The first three songs are the same as those on A side so one can easily judge how the band is good in live performance. Well, very good. Then there are songs "Heroism" from their split CD and the final and unreleased "No Solution Equation". The sound is not bad at all (mastered), it sounds authentic and neither too long nor too short to give the best enjoyment. Last but not least I have to appreciate very kind communication of the band with the audience.

There are more reasons to be satisfied with this release: it sounds great, it looks great and it is not a common album, but a special edition. That also deserves to be pointing out - the band has no regular album, just a split CD with Depressive Reality and this LP. The guys feel no pressure, no need to release offical albums, to be like all the others. If this LP was understood as a debut, I would not appreciate it that much (not because of the music, but because of the track list), but to this special edition - I have to say... Bravo!

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