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>>>   R e v i e w   >>>   TÖRR "Armageddon"

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>>> JOHAN | 2007-01-17 >>>

TÖRR "Armageddon"

(1990 Multisonic)

Somehow puzzled Törr debut

Törr was definitely at the end of 80s the best Czech extreme metal band. Their first demo "Witchhammer" (1987) was quickly spread among the fans and their popularity was growing very fast. The line up was Ota Hereš, Vlasta Henych and Milan Háva. The shows were sold out, fan club was working perfectly, moreover Vlasta Henych organized the Death Metal Sessions in 1988. In the same year the band accepted a second guitarist, Dan Šakal Švarc from Fata Morgana (this band was at that time officially forbidden). But shortly he left back to continue with Fata Morgana under the name F.A.T. The drummer, Háva also left Törr and the new drummer is Martin Melmuka called Melmus from Debustrol. Švarc joined Törr again in 1989, while Ota must left to go to army. In February 1990 Törr recorded their second demo "Masturbace mozku", which in fact contains most of Törr debut LP "Armageddon", recorded between 17. 2. and 4. 3. 1990.

The intro called "Chrám smrti" is composed by Ota Baláž and it really evokes the correct atmosphere. "Žal" is the new song written in the spirit of Törr older stuff. Sung by two vocalist, Henych and Švarc, it belongs among the best ever songs. Melmus was in that time very skilful musician, Dan was famous thanx to his guitar solos and Henych´s vocals were unmistakable. I have never liked "Vrať se ke psům" and I still do not like it today, especially the fans shoutin artificially mixed at the end of the track. "Smlouva s peklem" is originally a Fata Morgana song (they played it under the title "Memento"), Šakal brought it to Törr from this home band. And it is one of the best ones, I always liked Dan´s morbid vocals, the song is pretty dark and its text is also very fine. "Samota" is the first old song, which appeared already on the "Witchhammer" demo. After the slow beginning starts a really fast song with very depressive lyrics and often repeated chorus „Umírej, umírej...“ („Die, die...“), one should not miss the guitar solo. "Král mor" is another song I subjectively do not like, in a way it is very similar to F.A.T. demo "Ústavní spalovna". The lyrics are very naturalistic and music offers hard rock´n´roll... The B-side is opened by some boring disco hit, stopped by the words „To je hovno, znova“ („What a shit! Again!“) and "Lady Madeline" with its horror lyrics starts. The old times are again represented by "Zlej sen", again with Henych´s vocals. That´s what I like. The following track comes originally again from Fata Morgana, there entitled "Čarodějnice", here named "Posedlá". The theme is rather naive and musically definitely not above the average. And "Padlý chtíč" is deep deep under the average. Stupid groaning, puberally vulgrar lyrics, not very invenitve guitar, simple rythm - no doubt, the worst song on this album. Intro to the song "Armageddon", perhaps again by Baláž, interesting mix of keyboards and war noises. Then, when the song is about to begin, it suddenly stops, the toiled flushes and the record is over... I cannot say anything else than - what an idiotic idea? This sing was intended to be released on a single, but it never happened. The debut thus seems somehow puzzled. Old good Witchhammer songs, new pretty good ones ("Žal", "Smlouva s peklem", "Král mor"), and some really useless ones ("Posedlá", "Padlý chtíč", "Vrať se ke psům", only the intro of "Armageddon"…). Really shame that the album does not contain "Melodie poslední", another song by Fata Morgana, recorded by Törr 1990 demo and one of the best… And the reason why the album does not contain Törr all time greatest hit "Kladivo na čarodějnice"? Maybe because it was released on a 7inch earlier…

The cover is extraordinary perfect. Štorm´s photos from Sedlec ossuary look still very fresh, the only weak details are the white sneakers which musicians wear… Also I missed the original Törr logo on the front side. While the back side has no weak details…

Strange thing, there isn´t named the studie where the album was recorded. Produced by Dodo and the band. However the sound is pretty good, all the instruments sound as they have to. Only the guitar - when plays solos, it is perfect, but when plays riffs, it is somehow undertoned. Today it is difficult to guess whether it was a purpose or some defect.

"Armageddon" was the second extreme album in Czech metal history (the first one was Assesor "Invaze"). It´s a big shame that there haven´t been better circumstances one year earlier. The "Witchhammer" would be much much better debut.

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