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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   PERVERSIST "Short Ways To Death" | PROPHECY "s/t"

>>>   E n g l i s h 

>>> BERRY | 2007-10-27 >>>

PERVERSIST "Short Ways To Death" | PROPHECY "s/t"

split 7" EP
(podzim 1999 Pigeonshitagency)

A choice grindeath trip

A beautiful vinyl EP is started bt Karlovy Vary, CZ Perversist, who this way offer their second appearance after the well accepted demo "Flirting With Disaster", whose track the current release follows. EP kicks off with a dark intro presented by Roman's spoken word and then there are two grindeath tracks. A rabid brutality "Faceless, Dead" is followed by somewhat more colourful and interesting "Suicidal Self Immolation". Maybe a cleaner sound is what I would expect of the otherwise good record.

Perhaps exactly like what American Prophecy offer on the other side of the joint venture. Prophecy offer their striking technical grindeath in two songs that they took our of their new CD "Foretold... Foreseen...". Unlike the former, whose song have been prepared just for this release exclusively. The goal of this nice listen full of breaks and solos is being an appetizer for the upcoming CD. That's how I see, hear and take it.

The mentioned seven-inch made of blue vinyl with glaring yellow-green stains has a nice booklet that contains all the necessary data on the inner black and white side. Each copy sold sends 5 CZK to a children in need fund. Nice listening!

Note: The review was released in RINSING STAGE sonic friendzine no. 9 (06/2000).

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