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split 7" EP
(1996 Ad Absurdum Records, Insane Society Records, Död Framtid Records)

Ten years old review of the third Insane Society Records release!

This EP was released on the occasion of Mrtvá budoucnost and Pangs of Remorse European tour. It consisted of 7 shows in two countries, most of them took place in neighbouring Germany.
Both bands play similar kind of crust, style somewhere between punk, hardcore and grindcore. Mrtvá budoucnost is a band from Brno, P.O.R. from the other end of the country, from Karlovy Vary.

Both bands present several songs on this split EP, which is not surprising in this style. Also concerning the lyrics the bands are very close to eachother, both dealing with life and its dark sides. The sound of more experienced M. B. is slightly better.
The impression of this EP is generally very positive. None of the bands is exceptional in any way, but their attitude is real and clean. And that is why I like them. There is nothing wrong for P.O.R. when I say that the M.B. side is better.

The first edition was released on black vinyl, while the second one on coloured.

Author´s note: The review originally was published in friendzine RINSING STAGE Nr. 3 (08/1997).

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