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split 7" EP
(1998 Insane Society Records)

Gride, lies and distrust

Both above mentioned bands to split the 7" vinyl disk with 33 rotations per minute have only waited to appear on a vinyl sooner or later.

The first side is occupied by Gride from Prachatice, South Bohemia with five original compositions in 10 minutes. Original crust/grind riffs spray a genius feeling for the perfect understanding of the style. A representative material as usual proves a great strength of the band.

Kladno, Central Bohemia, located Lies & Distrust have a rawer and perhaps more vivid sound as compared to Gride, with a drowned guttural vocal in the middle. Less expressive - but equally appealing - hardcore crust is enriched with an intro or a spoken part.

The lyrical content is basically critical: to uniformity, wasting of time, racism, false people, consumption (Gride) or fascism, police „protection“, vivisection and music industry (Lies & Distrust). Text inlay provides translations into four languages, the entire cover and the message of the release only add up to the overall good impression of the split.

Note: The review was released in RINSING STAGE sonic friendzine no. 7 (03/1999).

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