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LEWISIT "Det Sjunde Inseglet" | H.A.T.E! "Det Sjunde Inseglet"

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>>> BERRY | 2007-04-09 >>>

LEWISIT "Det Sjunde Inseglet" | H.A.T.E! "Det Sjunde Inseglet"

split LP
(2006 Filth-Ear Distr., Lewisit Records, Malárie Records [Malarie Polska], Merciless Core Records)

Two juicy portions of fresh local hardcore

The last night of the last year I got an info e-mail from Belgium about two Czech bands having released a split LP on Filth-Ear Distr. Along with the Belgian record label there were of course plenty other labels and subjects, as is common in these musical spheres. This spring we eventually got a copy of the record from the Liberec based participants Lewisit, who occupy the A side of the record. Let’s start with them.

Noisy, urging hard core (reminding of early Gnu a bit) is intertwined with stripped down passages which makes the digestion of essentially rhythm and melody based music as such a pleasant process. The Czech singing gives the whole an excellent feel, the lyrics are screamed so urgently that you can’t just not believe them. Four songs ("Vlčice", "Last", "Let / Kruh" and "Satan") are each in a different tempo, not boring at all, simply a representative selection of Lewisit, whom I meet for the first time thanks to the record.

Nor did I knew anything about H.A.T.E! until this split LP. Intro a bit like Root, but the three present tracks ("Zkrkavčení", "Až na dno blahobytu" and "Osamění") are nothing but hardcore, as you can expect. The feeling is much like Lewisit, only the face of Vodňany located H.A.T.E! is much crazier, pushed to the edge, livelier, but not as compact and variable as Lewisit.

A nice fact representing the cooperation of the bands is the identical title on both the Lewisit and H.A.T.E! sides, namely "Det Sjunde Inseglet", which is Swedish for the "Seventh Seal", a title of a Swedish film from 1957.

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