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>>>   R e v i e w s   >>>   GRIDE "s/t" | LYCANTHROPHY "...v pasti moderní doby!"

>>>   E n g l i s h

>>> BERRY | 2007-04-08 >>>

GRIDE "s/t" | LYCANTHROPHY "...v pasti moderní doby!"

split 7" EP
(2006 Insane Society Records)

Extreme HC - A to Z

With all respect to the church or religion bashing as spat by the Czech black metal bands, Gride have cut to the quick sharp, clear and straight in away no black metal band had managed! Substantial proof alone is the title of the opening track of the new EP aimed at religion, or more precisely militant attitude of the religious fanaticism "V kundě Panny Marie" ("In the Cunt of Virgin Mary") is something the local herds get more annoyed by rather than "Eating the shit of Allah" for example, so even the atheist’s face can’t avoid a frown, but the again, being vulgar is not the reason Gride chose this title. They simply do away with clichés even there where it does not seem possible, and what other way to do it than say it straight? Iny thinks clear and whoever is in doubt, there is an extensive inlay treatment of no religion ever being "pure" enough to justify the innocent victims in its name.

So, off to church, where the bones rattle and the holy mass speeds forth like a hurricane. Čert sets his drumkit in front of the church organ and after the mentioned track finished off with a funny outro, there’s one more track in an equally furious speed (named just appropriately "Závody chrtů" ("Greyhound Race")). Iny’s voice is well understood, so not necessary to stare into the lyrics. The easier going song "Jakoby nic" in the middle is full of question marks. Spoken intro is broken into with an air raid of bee clusters stricken back with vocal, now that is "Nenávist"... Final eponymous "Skřípot" ("Gride") is perhaps unconsciously made more fierce compared to previous tracks. Ad maximum! A short chant to say goodbye and the worship is over.

Lycanthrophy have made their dream come true being on a split EP with GRIDE. Their side is kicked off with a merry intro, followed by another treat of extreme hard core, this time with yelling female voice (unlike Iny Zdíša doesn’t make a single word understood...). Maybe there’s more melody, it’s speedier and it has more breaks. Lyrics offer a bare form of treating the traditional issued that sound more depressive and hopeless. I see myself comparing again, but that’s somehow logical with split EPs, isn’t it? It’s clear that Gride are a living legend of Czech hardcore (could I possibly omit this sentence in the review?), but Lycanthrophy are equal partners here, a band that not follows behind but walks shoulder to shoulder!

Very nice looking vinyl split with cool graphic layout and everything that you could possibly expect of Barvák and his Insane Society after all these the years!

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