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FORGOTTEN SILENCE "Hathor´s Place" | NOTRE DAME "Abattoir, Abattoir du Noir"

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>>> BERRY | 2007-03-26 >>>

FORGOTTEN SILENCE "Hathor´s Place" | NOTRE DAME "Abattoir, Abattoir du Noir"

split 7" EP
(1999 Fallon Distro)

Multistyle music on multicolor vinyl

This is the third Forgotten Silence split 7" EP (the first one was released in 1996 with Dissolving Of Prodigy, the second one with Agony one year later), but the first one with the second band from abroad.

Forgotten Silence´s track "Hathor´s Place" starts slowly but after a while it get faster. Then we hear Hanka´s and Krusty´s vocals which tell us that Forgotten Silence keep their way in multistyle music. The song, as usually, surprise more times by unexpected changes and ideas. It is definitely necessary to listen to it many times.

Notre Dame is a band from Sweden and its leader, drummer Snowy Shaw played in the past with Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Memento Mori or Illwill. Notre Dame side brings a live song recorded on their east European tour and it fits verry well to Forgotten Silence multistyle music. Then, it also contains female vocals (Vampirella). This aggressive and at the same time gentle song is moreover enriched by guitar solo of Andy La Rocque (King Diamond).

This vinyl was released in 555 copies and is quite cheap so do not miss this opportunity.

Note: This review was originally published in friendzine RINSING STAGE no. 9 (06/2000).

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