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split 7" EP
(1996 Obscene Productions)

The pioneers of Czech doom metal on split 7" EP

It is already the fourth 7" EP (and third split EP) released by Czech label Obscene Productions. The two sides of the vinyls are shared by Forgotten Silence and Dissolving Of Prodigy. As both of the bands are usually categorized as doom metal, they were out of my interest. But that was my terrible mistake. Especially concerning Forgotten Silence and their song "Clara". The category „doom metal“ was a little confusing, at least for me. Now I can realize what music they play. It cannot be describe in some concrete or detailed way - the result is atmospheric mix of different musical genres. Death and doom metal are the main ones, but there are many more. There is no name to use, no category to aply. Forgotten Silence are very original and for the listener very surprising band. For me it was a big discovery and I must not miss their debut CD "Thots".

The band on the other side is called Dissolving of Prodigy. As well as Forgotten Silence, also I hear Dissolving of Prodigy for the first time. So I only have this one song to review. And to be honest, this song does not reach the quality of the one of Forgetten Silence. Its title is "Damocles Gladius" and it sounds really monotonously and it is boring. This is what I have always understood under doom metal. It is not bad but I cannot find anything original here, just influences of My Dying Bride.
Also the sound is much worse than Forgotten Silence. Although Dissolving Of Prodigy have recorded already three demos and one CD, my impression is not good at all. Especially considering the fact that usually the best songs are selected for EPs...

This split 7" EP is useful effort, because it fulfils its purpose - to get familiar with the bands before you decide to buy their full length CDs. But individually my rating is the following: Dissolving Of Prodigy 3/7, Forgotten Silence 6/7.

Note: The review was originally published in METAL BREATH zine no. 16 (7-8/1996).

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